Software Quality Assurance

Course Description

In the face of high profile software development failures and questions about the integrity and effectiveness of software development processes, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has taken on a new and important prominence in the IT and business communities. This course presents the basics of SQA along with techniques and processes to ensure that the software developed is of best quality.

Course Duration

2 Months
Target Audience

This course is really for those students who don’t want to be a programmer or they don’t have any programming experience.

Course Outline
• Software Testing Life Cycle
• Basic concepts of Software Quality Assurance
• Different Type of Applications
• Basic Concepts of Testing
• Different Type of Testing
• Basics of Manual & Automation testing
• Testing Documents
• Verification & Validation
• Test Execution & Testing Cycle
• Traceable Matrix
• Standards
• Process
• Priority And Severity
• Bug Life Cycle